Kari Korkman
CEO, Founder

Kari Korkman, M.Sc. (Econ.), is the founder and director of Helsinki Design Week and the President of World Design Weeks. He has been involved in a large number of product development projects and launches since the beginning of the 90s and has produced and curated a number of design exhibitions and events. Kari has received much recognition for his achievements in the design business and for activating city culture. Kari spends his spare time racing with his old wooden sailboat named Raili.

Anni Korkman
Programme Director

Anni Korkman is the Programme Director of Helsinki Design Week and Weekly. She has a Masters Degree of Arts in Innovation Management. She has been a part of the Helsinki Design Week team from the beginning and is interested in Experience Design. In her spare time Anni likes swimming in the sea.

Ida Kukkapuro
Director of Communications
Editor-in-Chief, Helsinki Design Weekly

Ida Kukkapuro works as the editor-in-chief at Helsinki Design Weekly and hosts a weekly design program together with Anni Korkman at Radio Helsinki. Ida feels passionate about sustainable design and wants to observe our designed habitat critically. She has written for several newspapers and magazines, both in Finland as well as internationally, done research for design and architecture programmes for Finnish broadcasting company YLE and taught at the Aalto University. Ida enjoys spending time on a sailboat and on cross-country skis.

Jenni Juutilainen

With a degree in Cultural Management, Jenni has specialised in festival productions. On her free time, she likes reading, running and dreaming about her future travels.

Ilona Jämsen

Ilona holds a title of Cultural Manager (BA) specialising in event management and business. She has produced events on a wide scale ranging from B2B & B2C events to concert productions for international artists. On her free time she does ashtanga yoga and organises the popular Helsinki Puppy Parade event.

Jenni Väre
Graphic designer

Jenni is Helsinki Design Week’s graphic designer and in charge of all visual content in collaboration with the production team. In her free time she likes traveling on her bike and enjoys music live and on vinyl.



Helena Fernström (On maternity leave)

Helena Fernström manages the Children’s Design Week, Design Diplomacy concept and is responsible for the financial management. She has also worked with the World Design Weeks network since it was founded. She is a Master of Arts who during her free time enjoys teaching French, dancing and quality movies and not-so-quality jokes.

Jenny Järvinen (On study leave)

Johanna Bruun
Producer, Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale

Johanna Bruun is the producer of Fiskars Village Art and Design Biennale. Originally having graduated as a designer, Johanna has worked with several cultural management, brand building, interior, fashion and design projects. She spends her free time as the captain of a wooden sailboat as well as organising parties, spotting architecture and enjoying art exhibitions.  

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